Monday, February 1, 2016

A tutorial to make the easiest OLD wooden sign and FREE graphics

I wanted an antique wooden sign for my spring window display and I wanted one right away!
 So, here's my latest tutorial of how, easily, I made this beauty.

The details it has make it look really convincing.

 I'm the type of girl who's just too anxious to get a project done then to go out and waste time hunting for old wood or spending money for some new. 
Cardboard is free and always at hand....I'll show you how to make one.

After cutting a piece, to the size that I want,  I start by painting it a darker shade of brown. It's a better base color for convincing age. So, grab any old craft paint and slap some on!

Then randomly apply a crackle medium, here and there, (not quite all over) and let it dry according to directions.

When it's ready, apply your desired color (making each swipe in one direction) and wait for it to dry. 
I used white semi gloss paint and my, scruffy old, medium paint's perfect for making chunky gaps in the paint and adds to the aging results!

Here's a little aging technique for any wood project.
 You need to add clusters of tiny worm holes... they are so often found in really old wood.
So, grab a hammer and a nail and poke away!

This is my preferred transfer method:
Design and print out your text or image in REVERSE 
This one is FREE and already reversed and ready for you to use....all that I ask is that a link to my artwork is provided wherever you share your own creations.

Just right click and save it to your downloads.

After you've chosen your text or image this is what you need to do next:
I use presentation paper for more stability with wax paper taped on top and feed it into my ink jet printer.

Remove it very carefully's really easy to smudge!
Then tape it in place to hold it, onto your wood, where you want your image to be.
Again, very carefully, use your finger (it transfers the ink better that using a credit card) and rub over all areas of your design.
Then remove the wax paper and do not touch the will still be wet on the glossy paint!

Just a little FYI, I accidentally used a semi gloss paint, but, ended up very glad that I did. 
It saved me the hassle of having to hand paint each letter on my sign.
 note: if you happen to have a laser jet printer then simply use a flat paint. The graphics from a laser jet come out much more vivid than the ink jet results, which come out lighter on a flat paint base and you may not have to paint your image at all.

  A moist cotton ball easily cleans up any little imperfections of ink.

 Now to get rid of that glossy look...
handle it very carefully as you apply your sealer. I used a matte finish spray.
It completely toned down the shiny finish.

Last summer I made my first fake's my most popular post on my blog and on Hometalk to date.
my old wood market sign...not
This was the one that I hand to end up hand painting because of the faint image results over the flat paint finish.
It turned out great, but it was a lot more work.

It's kinda crazy how easy this one was to do and how realistically old it turned out. 

So, here it is displayed above our old country cupboard for now. 
Soon I'll move it to our bay window for it's new spring look.

Stay tuned for a fresh breath of spring air!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,

and Gucci, too!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Valentine's Day Mantel in Red, White, Rhinestones & Gold

The most romantic time of year for decorating is here and time for me to share the changes I made to our mantel for the very special occasion.
Here is the mantel candlescape with hearts and a theme of red, white, rhinestones and gold.

 A few of the things that were part of the Christmas look managed to stay around for the new Valentine's day do.
You can see the centerpiece tray, if you missed it here.

A fabric heart, that I made last year, is centered in a vintage gold frame as the feature of the mantel decor.

Two brass hearts and one treasured gold locket complete the arrangement with my handmade pillow inside.

 Pearl head pins suspend the hearts leaving only the tiniest holes behind.

Prettier than a plain old picture in red, white and gold.

A few scattered petals make any romantic creation complete.

Vintage bottles always look prettier with some rhinestone glam.

I moved the gold glass heart from the tray on the suitcase where it was for Christmas and placed it on the Venetian tray here.

A simplified vignette with a pop of red is featured to the right of the hearth to keep with the color scheme.

And then I made one last li'l change..I think I like it better!

This was how it looked for the Holiday.

Now, I'll leave you with a simple edit in black and white.

I've got one last post to do...a tablescape for the day of  LOVE that is right around the corner.

Love, Hugs and Kisses,

and Gucci, too!


Sunday, January 24, 2016

White Wallpaper & Changes to our Old Pine Cupboard

Our old pine cupboard has had quite a few changes since it was purchased back in 1969. It started out in a dark stain and stayed that way until I painted the doors, drawer and edge trim in hunter green back in the 80's!
Then around 2010 I got brave and painted it black with a burgandy interior and a few gold accents.

Today, I pulled out some wallpaper that I had leftover from another furniture project 

and added it to the backs of the three shelves. It's paintable if I should tire of can see how I did exactly that here

I love the subtle touch of class that the white damask adds to my collection of white ironstone and vintage Staffordshire plates.

I'll be using the plates for our Valentine's celebration for two.

Since it's almost Valentine's Day I added a few little touches of love here with me and my girls

and here, of me and my honey.

My penguin, that was in our Christmas window, is up on the top shelf and wearing a red heart, too!

Now, I'm off to finish the post on our mantel...I think you're gonna like it. 
It really is romantic!

  Love, Hugs and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!

Posting a very special "thank you" to the ladies from table it link party
and to Stacey from embracingchange for choosing this post as a party feature!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Love on a Victorian Vanity Tray

A pair of vintage hearts, one a cherished brass heirloom, the other  a vintage rhinestone pin always find their way into our Valentine decor. They make each display look so very special.
 A few personal additions make this year's Valentine's day centerpiece a new favorite for me.

 A vintage Victorian vanity tray is the base for my LOVE vignette.

The mirror is still dusted with snow from the Christmas display that it held.

The card plays "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Bros. and makes my heart sigh every time it's opened. The mini canvas art is one that I made for last Valentine's day. It was a part of our Valentine's day, dinner for two, tablescape....and yes, that's my honey and me!

 I think it looks just right with the winter theme that's still going on in our living room. 

The mantel and fireplace are all dressed up in red and white and waiting for you to see. 

This glammed up pillar candle on my vintage, venetian tray is a peek for you to see.

 I'll be back to share it all with looks really, really pretty!