Sunday, June 22, 2014

Vintage Yard Decor and No Sew Patriotic Denim Banner

I've been taking a break from crafting and blogging and enjoying the sun, our pool, the ocean, good food and good company. I've been getting some long overdue exercise with my buddy, Carolyn, at pilates, walking and some bike riding. Water aerobics is on my list this week, too :)
 Now, I'm back today to share this banner that I made for our Memorial Day gathering. It's gonna be perfect to use for the 4th of July and Labor Day, too!

Old jeans, craft paint, a few stencils, painter's tape, clothesline rope, and some red beaded trim from my stash, along with some hot glue, made my easy patriotic banner.

First, cut the fabric of your choice for your banner, then paint your stencil design. Then, simply fold the top edge of the denim over the roping and hot glue spacing each pennant evenly apart.....
No sewing at all!

Hot glue or use fabric glue to add your trim of choice into place.

 It's hanging out front of our house, now. It will stay up until after the 4th!

Now, here's a peek around the yard at some old antiques that I use for planting.

This is my old, "Fitchett Brother's" milk box from Poughkeepsie, NY.

These are our "No Sew Sit Upon's" that I made last summer. They really do cushion our butts on the hard, brick steps!

Even "Gucci" likes a cushion!

 My new wheels and lawn decor!

 I think our neighbor's see Gucci here a lot!

Well, I'll be back next week to share more of my new old bike with you. It's a vintage Hercules "klunker", as my sweet friend, Kathy, says...LOL!

  Love, Hugs and Kisses,

and Gucci, too!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Checkerboard Stool was NOT an Easy Project!

Last summer I bought two, bright red, stools at a consignment shop for $5 ea....good deal!
I planned on painting them to sell in my space. Well, it didn't take long before I scapped them up, from the garage, to try them at the counter in our kitchen.
Guess what? They were a perfect fit!!! 

I'd been longing to add some black and white checkerboard to our kitchen ever since we were in our old house. 

My plan was to create a checkerboard floor cloth, but with our move other priorities came first.
So, for now, I decided to paint the pattern on the stools.

 This was the way it started...well, actually, the way the 2nd one is still. I haven't found the time to tackle the task for a second time!

Now, I'm not gonna lie, or even sugar coat this was a real pain in the "you know what"!

After sanding down the glossy, red paint I applied two coats of black paint to the legs and two more, in white, to the seat.
Then came a lot of measuring and taping to make the perfect squares.

taping it in both directions

Then I painted these squares black and attempted to remove the tape too soon!!! Ugh...don't do that! Wait...wait...wait!!!

Then remove the tape and re-tape to expose where you still need to paint more black squares that the tape covered in between!
And....then you need to tape and paint the pattern on the edge all the way around!
I am really happy with the way it finally turned out.

It's the perfect "pop of pattern" for our country kitchen.

Now, here's a closer look at my breakfast vignette.
I found four matching place mats at a local consignment store for just $1!

Pfaltzgraff and ironstone created my breakfast setting

complete with souvenir salt and pepper shakers and "grandma's" rooster egg cup

with some ironstone and toleware, too.

This is my vintage, shaving mug... it's now my sugar server with the perfect holder for some stirrers.
I did another post on the mug here, too.

This is my new coffee pot. It was a gift from my sweet friend, DeeAnn, from my trip home for Mother's Day.

It's an 1800's ironstone piece that I will forever treasure!

 Love, Hugs and Kisses,

and Gucci, too!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Faux Chalkboard Window & Some Changes in Our Corner Cupboard

Vintage windows always get my attention and I love using them in our decor as well as doing something special with them to pass them on for sale.

This double paned oldie is now a useful organizer/memo board and is waiting for a new home.

It looks like chalkboard, but just a little neater. I just painted the back black and attached a white, paint marker to write lists, notes and to-do's.

Eight bronze hooks were added for hanging all sorts of things.

I had a really hard time parting with it!

That's because I really love my Italian, linen, tea towel that I framed a few years ago.....I don't think that I'm ready to part with it or should I?

I retired some of the dishes to the storage cabinet to make room to display more of my white ironstone in our corner cupboard.

Many of the pieces are Goodwill finds.

This was a real oldie that I just couldn't pass up for 2.99

And this is my vintage, mid 1800's, platter that I scapped up from there, too. I love it stains, crazing and all!

It's signed Thomas Hughes Burslem.

I added a few roosters here and there.

Beatrice and Mathew were my grandparents and these were their vintage egg cups.

This was another GW steal for just 2.99

It's an old toleware, hand painted, cup.

Signed in old English.

That's all for this post :)

  Love, Hugs and Kisses,

and Gucci, too!

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